How To Find Out A Person’s Password

Ask Them “What is Your Password?”

Would you like to know how to find out a person’s password? Jimmy Kimmel took an interest in the topic and we love him for it! Thanks Jimmy Kimmel for diving into this. You are right, of course, the most popular password is password1234

What surprised us was how easy it is to get people to reveal their most sensitive secrets.

You have got to watch this! You know someone like this.

This is why we all need to use a password manager (see: Enhance Your Security And Never Forget Another Password).

There are good things about humor like this. We can all laugh, and can all benefit from the lesson. If you know someone who might benefit from this lesson, please share!

And to learn more about ways to defend yourself visit Protect Yourself. Somewhere in there we might capture the lesson that you should not tell people your deepest secrets, but, just in case, don’t tell people your deepest secrets!

Good news everyone! Jimmy Kimmel Is At It Again, posting an update to this video. See: Teaching America Password Privacy Security Lessons

For a more serious dive into what bad guys really do to learn your credentials, see: How Hackers Really Crack Your Password

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Very funny security password reminder, not funny that this is real!

Security Breach Supercut