Watch Highlights Of The Apple iPhone Event 2017 in 13 minutes

Watching this will save you almost two hours!

Thanks to those great tech watchers at Engadget, you can watch the meat of the 2017 Apple iPhone/Apple Watch/iTV event in just under 13 minutes. This is a great way to save yourself time, since the actual event clocked in at over two hours!

Apple iPhone Event 2017 in under 13 minutes

Things to watch for in the video include:

  • The iPhone X (pronounced iPhone ten not iphone ex). There is no fingerprint home button, but some cool facial recognition. Has wireless charging. Also an OLED display, which is sharp and bright. As you can imagine, the processor is faster. The camera is optimized for Augmented Reality apps.
  • the iPhone 8 and 8 plus have same screen size as the 7 and 7 plus. But it comes with the old fashioned, ancient home button. Both have better cameras too.
  • The Apple Watch now comes with its own cellular capabilities. Plus new software and capabilities in the hardware that let you track heart rate better, including ways to track irregular heartbeats.
  • In big entertainment news, the new Apple 4k TV was announced. They will automatically update old purchases to the new 4k format, which is nice. This will break the chicken and egg problem of people not wanting to buy 4k devices till they have more 4k content.

Now for the bad news. All of these new solutions are very expensive. And to get the full benefit of any of them you will end up subscribing to other Apple services that will make them even more costly. That’s life. But it is going to perpetuate the digital divide that is growing across the country. This is clearly a topic thinking people should consider. Apple is giving us fantastic innovations, but they are being kept out of the hands of millions because of cost.

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