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Upgrade Your Personal Air Force With The New DJI Mavic Pro: The size of a waterbottle, the power of a professional video drone

The future is incredible and it is here

Camera drones are our favorite robots. Personal video camera drones are evolving just as we have all predicted they would. They are becoming more powerful, with longer range, with higher quality video feeds and are becoming more compact. One of the best drones on the market right now, the DJI Magic Pro, folds up into a package the size of a water bottle and can fit in your coat pocket, so you can bring it anywhere. But it packs an incredibly powerful lithium ion battery and a well designed CMOS optical sensor engineered in a drone that can fly further and faster than others on the market.

One way to think of this device is like the Phantom 4, but comes in a much smaller package and has better controller software.

The Mavic Pro comes with technology that helps it avoid running into things. This is huge! It is also engineered to enable incredibly stable hovering for video collection. And it can automatically return to you with one command.

You will shoot like a pro. You command the Mavic Pro to be your film crew. Tell it who to follow and how, for example, and it will do the rest.

Control can be via your phone, via controllers, or gesture. You can also use DJI Goggles to fly like a bird with a bird’s eye view.

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