Top 10 Sci-Fi Movies of the 1950s

These Science Fiction Classics Helped Humanity Confront An Uncertain World

Sci-Fi movies are always fun and sometimes insightful. This is a wonderful recap and overview of some of the greatest, and earliest science fiction movies.

The 1950’s were a formative year in science fiction, setting the stage for many of the entertaining themes in the genre today. This clip, pulled together by WatchMojo, hits great classics you probably know very well, and they do it in a way that might give some insights into big themes viewers were interested in at the time.

The global war was over, but humanity must have been afraid of this type of confrontation coming again in the future. So their entertainment was all about fending off the big attacks that no one could foresee. And most of the films had a sub-theme about how helpless our military was in fighting our biggest challenges.

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