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The Product Edge in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Startups: An a16z podcast

AI is not just for the big guys with lots of data

a16z produces some of the most interesting and intellectually stimulating podcasts available on the net today (find them all on iTunes here).  This one is on the topic of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. Machine Learning is a key component of today’s AI revolution. This focus of this podcast is to dive into a key area where startups have the edge- their products.

The podcast features Jensen Harris, CTO and co-founder of the augmented writing platform Textio, and AJ Shankar, CEO and co-founder of the legal eDiscovery firm Everlaw. This overview covers a wide range of interrelated topics associated with machine learning and AI. Topics are those that any new startup should track, from strategy to tactics and from vision to execution.

For more on this topic see the Things Cyber Artificial Intelligence collection.

And for an introduction to the foundations of Deep Learning we recommend the textbook Elon Musk and Satya Nadella have strongly endorsed: Deep Learning

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