The Economist Predicts Hackers Will Pose A Greater Threat

Hackers will always be with us

This is a very good overview of the state of attack and defense in the modern world where every cyber thing is connected.

This report is short/succinct and easy to watch but makes several very important points that capture how hackers may be impacting our lives, homes and work in the coming year.

Hackers will pose a greater threat in 2018 | The Economist

You might ask yourself, what else can they do! They have already taken most of our private information and can already hack into most every company. But the fact is they are getting more and more access.

The video offers hope in capturing some key trends in defense, including the trend towards having insurance companies levy more requirements on firms they insure.

But frankly we know more needs to be done. For things you can do at home and at work see Things Cyber Defensive Measures page.

What do you think?

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