Tappity Tappity Tap: The Dumbest Hacking Scene Ever

If you know of a dumber hacking scene we would like to know about it

Not all hacking humor us funny. Some hacking humor is just stupid. The video below captures something that is definitely stupid, but that makes it funny. Ha!

there is no way any hacking research was done before this hacking scene from “Castle” Season 8 Episode 8. This must have been great entertainment for anyone who has never used a computer. But, if you have ever used a computer, it is absolutely stupid! So stupid you will love it.

The video shows a mission-focused law enforcement team seeking to fight injustice and find the bad guys while the bad guys are are in the networks. The result is stupidity like you have never seen. Thank goodness real cops are not like this.

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Now by all means think about how you can turn your laughter into motivating action to improve your cyber security posture. You are going to want to think about your password now for sure. Pick a good one and also turn multi-factor authentication on. You should also consider a password manager (we recommend Dashlane, which we review at:

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