Sunspring: A 2016 Sci-Fi Short Starring Thomas Middleditch

Don’t watch this for the exciting drama or the well made story capturing human conflict. Nope. As stories go this is pretty bland.

But watch it. Why? Because it was written by an Artificial Intelligence. A highly regarded filmmaker, Oscar Sharp, worked with technologist Ross Goodwin to build a system that that could write a screenplay. The system was fed hundreds of sci-fi screenplays and produced a script that was turned into the story shot here.

Sunspring | A Sci-Fi Short Film Starring Thomas Middleditch

It has great acting, and great video. And that just underscores the point that great acting and video cannot save a poor screenplay!

But watch it so you can see the history as it unfolds before your eyes. AI will continue to advance, and will soon get much better at entertaining humanity.

After you watch it be sure to check out the video the same crew produced using AI a year later titled “It’s No Game.” This one showed great improvement. The AI is still not the great storyteller it should be, but hey not bad for a two year old.

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