Steampunk USB Cable Extension With Blue Pentode Radio Tube

Steampunk Handmade Wooden BLUE Pentode Radio Tube USB Cable ExtentionWe could all make use of a steampunk USB cable extension cord, right? And everyone could also use a few more pentode radio tubes in our life, right?

Look around you, how many pentode radio tubes are in the room with you right now? Assuming you are reading this in 1970 you probably have them in all your radios, stereos and TV sets and even more in the office where you might use them for computing.  But if you have traveled back to modern times you might not be so lucky.

You can change the situation and do it in a way that provides great functionality to your computer setup with this handmade wooden USB cable extension that comes with a working blue Pentode radio tube. This is very steampunk!

This may be just the thing you need to kickstart your holiday shopping. Every cool techie and fan of legacy computing will love this!

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And for a little history on pentode tubes: these are devices with five active electrodes. Usually they are vacuum tubes that amplify power, like those invented by Holst and Tellegen in 1926. They have a cathode heated by a filament, a control grid, a screen grid , a suppressor grid and a plate. The pentode is used as an amplifier for increasing signal strength. They were replaced by transistors in starting in the 1960s. For more see: Pentodes at Wikipedia

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