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Some of The Most Famous Troublemaking Hackers Of All Time

This is an overview of five hackers of note. The review includes Kevin Mitnick, Matthew Bevan, Richard Price, Anonymous, Gary McKinnon and Astra.

These could all be debated, there are plenty of others out there that have caused more damage. But still this is an interesting overview.

We track many other attackers, including some far more dangerous and worthy of study on the Things Cyber Threat Actors page. One not to miss is 10 Youngest Hackers Who Caused Chaos

It can be fun to study some of these hackers. But the real reason to do it is to motivate a better defense. Dive into defensive measures at the Things Cyber Protect Yourself page.

There are some funny things about this video, but to really laugh we would like to direct your attention to the Things Cyber Humor page, were you can meet the most extraordinary hacker of all time, Hackerman! You can also learn more about why the CIA thinks Facebook is Amazing.

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10 Youngest Hackers Who Caused Chaos