Salesforce’s Richard Socher On Tackling Limits of Deep Learning and AI

Engineering is about pushing the limits

In this video on Deep Learning, Richard Socher of Salesforce provides insightful commentary of how research can work with engineering to help ensure artificial intelligence (AI) is optimized for product delivery and business growth. His focus, tackling the limits of Deep Learning.

Deep Learning is a subfield of AI and Machine Learning concerned with algorithms inspired by the structure and function of the brain called artificial neural networks. It is a relatively recent field, first referenced in 1986, but made functional by recent developments in search algorithms and big data. Deep Learning is providing solutions in a wide range of areas now, including computer vision, feature recognition, anomaly detection and extraction of information from a sensed environment. It is directly relevant to robotics, search, knowledge extraction and the overall advancement of AI.

AI presents a huge opportunity for businesses to personalize and improve customer experiences and improve efficiency, but the technical complexity of AI puts it out of reach for most companies. In this video, Richard Socher explains how Salesforce is doing the heavy lifting to deliver seamless and scalable AI to its customers. As you can tell from the title of the video, Deep Learning is a big part of their solutions.

We truly liked Socher take here. If you liked it and would like to dive deeper read the book that Elon Musk and Satya Nadella credit with helping them wrap their brains around the topic: Deep Learning

After a quick look at the video you will probably be left with more questions than answers. Look for answers at the Things Cyber Artificial Intelligence section.

We also recommend checking out the primer on AI at: Artificial Intelligence, Deep Learning, and Machine Learning.

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