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Robot Sci-Fi Short “PROTO” Provides Glimpse Of Our Near Future


This is entertainment. It is a story worth watching and enjoying on its own. It just so happens that the entertainment is thought provoking and deals with robots and artificial intelligence, two great standbys of science fiction, and two key topics of

Watch and enjoy! And then think of how you want our future robots to behave.


PROTO - Sci-Fi Short Film (Full Length)

We track the latest on Artificial Intelligence and all the other major mega trends of technology in the Things Cyber Tech Landscape section. The megatrends we track there are:

  • Artificial Intelligence: Tracking the future of thinking machines large and small, including the AI enabled systems used by your smartphone.
  • Cloud Computing: Powerful centralized computing delivering new capabilities like software as a service and most of the ecommerce and social media services we all use today.
  • Mobile Computing: Connected super-computers in your hand giving people ESP-like super powers. Our smartphones now ship with dozens of high end sensors and those are only increasing.
  • Big Data Analytics: Making sense of incredible amounts of data, including data generated and used by robotics and the IoT.
  • Robotics: Automating every task that can be, creating, and disrupting jobs. This includes, by the way, disrupting entertainment (see Jimmy Fallon and his robots).
  • Internet of Things: Everything will have a chip and communicate with everything else, and how we optimize this will help ensure the IoT is focused on what we want.
  • Cybersecurity: Evil will aways be lurking. We must all reduce our risks in this connected world. this includes a need for cybersecurity on every

Looking for more context? See our list of the Best Artificial Intelligence Blogs on the net.

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