Reduce The Amount Of Info You Give The Bad Guys

We should all make it harder on the bad guys

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In the modern world everyone is connected. And with governments and businesses posting more and more info about us all online there is some info available on everyone. Bad guys use this info to target you for fraud, scams or sometimes cyber attacks. It may be impossible to remove all info about you from the public square, but there are things you can to to make it harder on the bad guys. Here are some tips:

Think before posting any photos anywhere. This includes to any social media account, even if you think it is private.

Never post any schedule items. Never let any bad guy know where you will be and when.

Improve your password security across every site you interact with. Do this with a password manager. Password manager applications manage different accounts and passwords.

Use multi-factor authentication on every online site you interact with. And if you have an account that does not use multi-factor authentication, close it.

Always keep your systems patched. Unpatched systems are more likely to get hacked, and hacked systems can send your data to bad guys for them to use in fraud.

Beware of solicitation by email, or phone. Scammers are very creative. Just because you have not heard of the particular topic being a scam does not mean it is ok. Assume every unsolicited call or email is a scam.

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