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Ready Player One: Great Science Fiction Full of Thought Provoking Visions Of Our Near Future

This movie is about us!

Ready Player One is great science fiction set in the very near future. It is well done drama that leverages totally realistic visions of what technology is rapidly evolving to.

Update: Be sure to see the second trailer here

The book is a fantastic read, and is now being made into a movie that will be out in March 2018. The trailer shows how Steven Spielberg is treating Ernest Cline’s masterpiece. It is hard to bring a book like this to life but if anyone can do it, Spielberg can do it.

Imagine a world where virtual reality and global connectivity enables universal access to high quality education. Incredible. Awesome. And achievable by us if we put our minds to it. Wonderful vision.

The book does not paint our future as a wonderland for all, for most it seems the new VR is the greatest thing in their lives. This does not have to be the future we build, but for this drama it works.

The book does a great job introducing many of the ethical consideration people are already encountering in today’s high tech world were issues of big business, personal privacy, slavery, war, peace, healthcare, wealth and poverty are all impacted by our new technologies. It describes situations and a technological environment that are very realistic if you consider the current capabilities of Cloud ComputingArtificial IntelligenceMobilityBig DataRoboticsInternet of Things and Cybersecurity.

Ready Player One is a great read for anyone seeking to make the most of the Things Cyber in their life. Please give it a read and let us know what you think.

Of course you should read the book before seeing the movie. But you can also dive into your own VR world and can do that today. For a fast on ramp to your VR see: CEEK Virtual Reality Headset Comfortable, Fun, Bluetooth Headset

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