Quite Possibly The Coolest Steampunk USB Drive You Will Ever See

Everyone everywhere has USB drives. And if you don’t have one you can drop by any store and pick one up and all of us do that so often we all end up with the same old bland things that everyone else has. Except you! You can go steampunk!

This is quite possibly the neatest USB drive in existence. It can store up to 64GB of data, and comes with a fantastic display stand for when it is not in use. When it is in use it lights up like a good vacuum tube should.

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And for a little history on pentode tubes: these are devices with five active electrodes. Usually they are vacuum tubes that amplify power, like those invented by Holst and Tellegen in 1926. They have a cathode heated by a filament, a control grid, a screen grid , a suppressor grid and a plate. The pentode is used as an amplifier for increasing signal strength. They were replaced by transistors in starting in the 1960s. For more see: Pentodes at Wikipedia

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