Phoenix9: Great SciFi Short That Grabs You In The First 9 Seconds

We hope this is just the beginning

Not all science fiction is based in gloomy post-apocalyptic scorched nuclear wastelands, but some sure are. This one starts quick and has multiple points of conflict and crisis as a small group struggles to survive. Their journey could reflect the human journey many of us find ourselves on, always moving forward against all odds, looking for humor and optimism in the darkest of times, and forever struggling to succeed.

As for the ending… well, perhaps this is just the beginning.

Thanks Amir Reichart & Peer Gopfrich. Great job guys! We hope this is just the beginning, we would love to see more!



For the hackers and cybersecurity professionals you will love the hacking scene. Ha! Might remind you a tiny bit like this video in our humor section: Hacking In The Movies vs Hacking in Real Life

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