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Oculus Go Provides Standalone Virtual Reality

The power and massive libraries of Oculus Rift and in an on the go form factor

The long awaited for Oculus Go brings standalone virtual reality to a lightweight form device you can wear and use anywhere.

Standalone means you use the Oculus Go with no wires attached!

Since it is part of the Oculus platform it comes ready to interact with an incredible array of software and entertainment libraries. You will immediately have access to over1,000 VR games, social apps, 360 degree experiences and educational/entertainment features unavailable in standard reality.

And the cost is at a point where most households can afford one.

Oculus Go Features:

  • Very lightweight, with innovative, breathable fabrics and molding for comfort
  • Very wide LCD dramatically improves carity
  • High quality spacial audio built into the headset transport you into the VR
  • No additional devices required while in VR (Oculus Go requires the Oculus Companion App, which is downloadable from the iOS and Android store for your smartphone).
  • Available in 64GB and 32GB versions.
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