New Science Fiction Web Series ExHumans Available on Amazon Video

Think about how you would want to be woken up

The first 7 episode season of the web series ExHumans is now available to stream on Amazon Prime Video.

Set in the far future, the series follows Chrystal (Georgia Theodoulou) who is brought back from the dead at the Cryogenia Institute.

The series examines many advanced concepts we should be thinking about now. Series director Harry Boast put it this way: The series is about identity: who are you? What makes you, you? And, if you can’t remember who you are, how do you know you’re you? This was the main theme we wanted to explore.”

For a glimpse of the series here is the trailer:

ExHumans (2018) - A Sci-Fi Trailer

Find ExHumans on Amazon at:


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