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You Might Not Need An IR Thermal Imager For Your Smartphone, But Don’t You Want One?

Both The Seek and FLIR Thermal Imagers are Good Choices

thermal imaging camera

Thermal imaging add-ons for your smartphone give you the power to see in the dark. You can use this super-power to look for drafts in your house, spot pipes and electronics behind walls, look for water damage in your home, spot leaks in engine or other exhaust systems, look for animals, or just have fun with friends.

Hunters have long had options for sites designed to help in the field, but with these new low cost devices that connect to a smartphone the devices are giving much more utility. It is now easy to carry the IR device anywhere you go and just snap it on the smartphone and use it.

The two major players in this market are FLIR and Seek. Both support Android and iOS devices.

While the main functionality in both is the same, there are differences. The approach by FLIR has been to give the device its own battery so it does not drain your phone and so it can use more power for more functions. They charge a little bit more for this. You will have to ensure the battery is charged after every use. It is also quicker to resolve the scene it is looking at. The Seek is better for those that are on a budget or just want to play around.

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