It’s No Game: AI Sci-Fi From 2017 Starring David Hasselhoff

Artificial Intelligence Generates A Sci-Fi Video

Sci-Fi and Artificial Intelligence have long been associated with each other. The screenplay for this Science Fiction short was written by Artificial Intelligence. The same crew that shot this video made a similar one a year earlier (see: Sunspring: A 2016 Sci-Fi Short Starring Thomas Moddleditch). Now the AI has evolved and improved and has generated a Sci-Fi story that is far more interesting than what was done just a year before.

The story is worth watching, for sure. It is an interesting story that makes points itself about writers and even pays an homage to Sunspring that you will catch early in the first scene.

But the real reason to watch is not the entertainment. It is to watch AI evolve! Can’t wait to see what comes next!

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