Google Wi-Fi System Provides Strong, Reliable, More Secure Wi-Fi for Home and Office

Odds are that this is a better approach than what you are currently doing

No system is totally secure. This is especially true of Wi-Fi, where hackers have arsenals of tools they can use to attack and they can also do that from a distance. But we all have to have Wi-Fi don’t we? So the art form is to have it, configure it to reduce your risks, and manage it as well as you can.

Google is helping everyone do the above and at the same time delivering higher quality, higher bandwidth Wi-Fi to homes with their Google WiFi system. The system can be bought and installed as one device or as a group that work together for homes that need more coverage.

The device can be controlled by your smartphone, which gives you more power over the device. This power can help you keep agile in the face of security threats and keep you more in control even when miles away.

Here is more:

  • The system replaces your router.
  • It eliminates dead zones
  • The system automatically keeps your connection fast by always selecting the clearest channel and fastest band for devices.
  • Fast WiFi throughput. You can get up to 1200Mpbs, faster than most others you will find.
  • Set up and control is fast and easy via an app for your smartphone or tablet.
  • The app lets you see what is connected, prioritize devices, pause WiFi on kids’ devices
  • You can buy in packs that let you cover larger areas

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