Find Hidden Cameras and Listening Devices

This Anti-Spy Wireless RF Signal Detector will give you peace of mind

The whole point of this device is to give you ways to find hidden spy cameras and other spy devices. It does that several ways, primarily by looking for signals that devices use to move information. Most hidden cameras and most GPS trackers that might be put on your vehicle will cause signal fluctuations in the surrounding environment that this device can sense for you. This can be used in offices, prior to meetings, in homes, bathrooms, changing rooms, cars, hotels, Airbnb, locker rooms, etc. Includes a full-frequency detector, signal antennas, strong magnetic detection antennas, power adapters and USB cables, built-in lithium polymer batteries, and longer standby time. When used, the closer the signal detector is to the source, the faster the alarm will sound. The infrared detector can effectively find the red dot of the hidden camera hair. Fully protect your privacy and security.

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