Every One Of Us Should Think Through How Technology Disruption Will Impact Our Jobs/Careers/Financial Future

The future is here…

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CB Insights just published an important overview of major errors by corporate leaders in responding to technology disruption. Their overview is enjoyable to read and may even make you smile, how could these guys have gotten it so wrong?

But the fact is that it is impossible for everyone to know what is coming and it is human nature to want to stick with what you have planned to do. Technology disruption is going to keep coming.

We believe that studying the tech trends can help you be prepared to weather the continuing storm of disruptions, but even then you should be ready to be surprised. With that in mind, we recommend you read this CB Insights report with an eye towards thinking of your own views to tech disruption.

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Foot In Mouth: 37 Quotes From Big Corporate Execs Who Laughed Off Disruption When It Hit

We are building this entire site to be a helpful reference to anyone seeking more insights into where big disruptions are leading us. Dive deeper into the megatrends of technology with Tracking The Future Of All Things Cyber, where we provide our framework for digesting the key aspects of the incredible future unfolding before us all. From a business standpoint one of the greatest disruptors to track is that of Big Data Analytics. Dive deeper there at: Introduction to Business Analytics, Business Intelligence and Big Data

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