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Enhance Your Security And Never Forget Another Password

Make it harder on bad guys and easier on yourself

There is a great deal of humor out there over passwords. A favorite clip is one of Ellen DeGeneres reviewing a real password manager that is just nuts.  Then there is one of Jimmy Kimmel who shows us all how easy it is to find out how to find out a persons password. These topics are funny in part because we all hate using passwords!

Passwords are a problem for everyone. We are forced to either pick easy ones so we can remember them or we write them down and hope not to lose where we wrote them. Some of us resort to the horrible practice of writing them in a document on our computer. Might be easy but the bad guys look for things like that and will find your file one day and then be all over your systems.

A password manager is designed to keep your passwords safe and secure with advanced encryption, but then make them available to you easily when and where you need them. A good password manager will let you easily use your passwords on any device and do so while maintaining very high security.

Our recommendation: Dashlane, a tool David Pogue called “life changingly great”

Never forget another password! Download Dashlane free today.

Dashlane is a password manager & digital wallet that makes identity and payments simple and safe. There are now over 3 million users of Dashlane.

Dashlane allows users to:

  • Secure password storage
  • Autologin on favorite websites
  • Generate and change passwords in seconds
  • Autofill forms across the internet
  • Make online shopping easy with saved credit cards and receipts in your digital wallet

Dashlane is critically-acclaimed by top press like The New York Times, Business Insider, The Wall Street Journal, USA Today, & many more.

For business users, leverage the Dashlane Business solution with more enterprise-friendly features. Dashlane Business – Company-wide password security

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