Things Cyber was created by Bob Gourley as a way of highlighting and endorsing actionable information on ways to make the best of all things cyber.

Bob is also the founder and CTO of the consultancy Crucial Point LLC, which provides technology due diligence services and CTO advisory consulting. Crucial Point is also the publisher of

Bob is the author of the book The Cyber Threat, which captures insights you can use on threat actors.

Crucial Point LLC is a strategic technology and due diligence consultancy formed by Bob Gourley in 2007. Since then Crucial Point has served over 100 businesses across multiple sectors of the economy with advanced technology services including cyber security consulting, due diligence reviews, security engineering and federal market advisory services.

We serve high tech firms with advanced and particularly virtuous technologies by providing business growth consulting and services. We publish the community-focused and sites.


Our Approach

We help our clients understand. We do that with a network of serious information technology professionals. We help our clients implement solutions, especially highly scalable Cloud Computing based solutions.

All of our work is performed by thought leaders experienced in enterprise technology and focused on your mission needs. Our executives, PMs and analysts have experience in the entire technology stack from hardware, software, data and applications and every architecture from client server to cloud computing. We are versed in ITIL and CMMI and program management. We have a deep and intimate working knowledge of federal IT mission needs and the requirements of federal agencies.

We provide our CTO Advisory Services clients with unique success-focused capabilities through engagement teams led by the award winning Top 25 Global CTO Bob Gourley. Services include:

Strategic Consulting: Leverage experienced professionals with proven past performance. Our clients include major telecommunications firms, defense systems integrators and IT firms with dramatic, “game changing” technology. We also help highly regulated businesses and government agencies respond to a continuous stream of new mandates for cybersecurity compliance.

CTO Outsourcing and CTO-as-a-Service: Our model provides highly qualified, experienced Chief Technology Officer (CTO) or Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) leadership on your staff to manage and lead your technology partners, developers, engineers and IT support. We offer part-time, full-time, retained and hourly services. We also provide compliance services.

Technology Research: Our experts in technology can assess the relevance of technology prior to investment and prior to you bringing the capability into your enterprise. We prepare customized briefings on technology and provide context on IT focused on your needs.

Due Diligence:We support private equity firms, venture capital, and businesses looking to acquire other businesses. We can also help independently verify and place into context the discriminators of technologies in the firms you are considering.

Cybersecurity and CISO-as-a-Service Crucial Point provides architecture reviews and action plans for enhancing cybersecurity. We also provide analysis of solutions and products and strategies associates with cybersecurity, including market potential analysis, product offering development and marketing/messaging creation.

Government Market Evaluation and Support: We serve high tech companies who want to do business with the government. We can assist you in flattening the learning curve and will help you produce a winning strategy.