The Clearest Explanation of Cryptocurrencies You Will Ever See

Anyone buying and selling cryptocurrencies should have this level of understanding

Truly functional cryptocurrencies are a new thing. If you are not a computer scientist or tech hobbyist you are operating at a disadvantage in understanding what is going on here. We provided a functional overview of how cryptocurrencies work at Bitcoin and Cryptocurencies: What You Need To Know But that overview didn’t dive into how these Cryptocurrencies really work. If you are really going to buy and sell and invest in cryptocurrencies, we strongly recommend diving deeper.

The best overview we have seen that dives into the details is here:

This video provides a very clear, easy to understand overview of how cryptocurrencies work and why they are successful at what they do.

what you need to know about bitcoin

Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies: Here is what you need to know

Cognitive Biases

In The Age Of Fake News It Is More Important Than Ever To Know Your Cognitive Biases