CEEK Virtual Reality Headset Comfortable, Fun, Bluetooth Headset

VR is here and it works with the smartphone you already have

We like this customizable Virtual Reality (VR) headset. It is easy to use, fast to configure/adjust, and a great way to dive right into the world of VR.

CEEK Virtual Reality Headset Comfortable, Fun, Bluetooth Headset for Universal/Smartphones

It is NOT our favorite. It is not as high of quality as other options. But it is incredibly low cost and works with either Android or iOS so is almost immediately useful to the first time VR user.

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A great thing about the CEEK headset is it will work with the smartphone you probably already have.

The CEEK headset can use any standard Android or iOS phone (screen sizes between 3.5 to 6″) to provide an ultra-immersive field of view to make your VR world appear even bigger. The lenses are made from specially formulated materials for anti-distortion and optimal resolution. And the case and its padding are very lightweight and comfortable.

Simply insert your phone, click VR App and enjoy. CEEK provides a VR App with exclusive music concerts from top artists. Discover amazing games, 360 videos and other experiences with your headset.

Insert Smartphone Click and Go. Very easy to use.

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