Can The Artificial Intelligence In Amazon’s Alexa For Business Help Your Firm Dominate In The Market?

Expect this first step to have a few false starts then watch early adopters rule

Thinking of Amazon Alexa for business will bring voice enabled artificial intelligence and the power of the cloud to businesses large and small.

Amazon has launched a new effort to accelerate the use of Alexa in the workplace, including empowering the Alexa virtual assistant to help employees do things like order supplies, pull together meetings, book conference rooms, tap into corporate data as well as manage all the other functions the current Alexa can.

The most powerful feature might be the ability of business users to create custom skills that leverage the data and applications of the workforce.

This is new territory for Amazon, but they are wading in quickly, building partnerships with enterprise IT firms like Concur Solutions, SAP SuccessFactors, and Salesforce.

So now you can ask Alexa things like “Tell me the list of opportunities for the first quarter”.

For more see their concept video:

Alexa for Business: Empower Your Organization to Use Alexa

Amazon has also established a special page for Alexa for Business.

Keep watching this Cloud Computing trend! We can only imagine that since Alexa for business is leveraging AWS itself that things will continue to rapidly change and improve. As you watch this trend, keep in mind there are things you will want to take advantage of to accelerate your career and your business. And there are things you will want to watch out for to protect your interests. For more on related topics see:

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