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Bitdefender Box: Security for the Internet of Things connected to your home network

The Bitdefender Box is a leading provider of home Internet security hardware devices (also see CUJO Smart Internet Security Firewall and Norton Core).  A handful of things set Bitdefender Box apart from others. One is its price. You can now find it for as low as $99.00 at Amazon. Then there is the nice sleek design. It offers good protection to devices that are on your network, and also comes with a feature that enables a device to VPN back to your Bitdefender Box when you are out (this is called private line, but is really just a VPN). This gives you added protection when out and means you might not need to pay for a VPN.

The Bitdefender Box is hardware, of course, but it requires support from the company to make sure it knows threats to block. Support is free for a year, and after that will cost $99.00 per year.

The device is configured via an app on your iPhone or Android phone. Once plugged into your network it will protect every devices on your network. Really, every device. Your fridge, toaster, sprinkler, every tablet, every phone, ever computer, every set top box, everything. Once you have the device plugged in and set up, if anything happens it will block the threat to or from the device.

Bitdefender box also can instal an agent on your windows or mac or android devices to provide even more threat blocking capabilities.

This device will help raise your defenses, but it is in a crowded space with other entrants like CUJO and the Norton Core.

For more see: Bitdefender Box

Note: you probably already know this, but it takes far more than a simple addition of a piece of hardware to a network to make it more secure. You also have to operate it securely and should consider reviewing our list of best practices at: Protecting Your Home from the Cyber Threat

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