The Best Virtual Reality Headsets Available In The Market Today

These are the logical places to start your VR journey

Virtual Reality is becoming commoditized in a really good way. Prices of headsets and accessories are dropping, and content for the platforms is increasing in quality and quantity. The challenge now is deciding which VR hardware platforms to form up on and from there which headsets and accessories are right for you and your family.

Prices are so low you may want to have several of these so consider your needs first. If you use VR extensively you may want a low cost headset you slip your phone into while traveling, but that is not going to have all the features you will want while at  home. And, at home, you may want something that is full of educational content or may want to focus more on games or perhaps more on the arts. Or maybe you want something that works with the hardware you already own.

As an aid to helping you decide we provide our recommendations here:

The Best Virtual Reality Headsets Available In The Market Today


Sony Playstation VR

This headset works with the Playstation 4 system and must be tethered to it to use. It includes very high quality resolution and a high refresh rate making the visuals the highest quality. Since it is part of the Playstation family it comes with many available games, with most headsets shipping as part of a bundle that will include at least one free one. You can find headsets for $199 and bundles that include software and motion detectors for just a bit more. Content on Playstation VR is good, but as you can imagine it is focused on high end game experiences.

For more see: Sony Playstation VR (Doom Bundle)

HTC Vive

This headset is also tethered, but to a high end PC. Resolution is higher than the Playstation VR but the refresh rate is a bit lower. Meanwhile cost is much higher, coming in at around $599.00. Some users report that the device is a bit too heavy for them, you definitely know it is there. There is plenty of content, 1,000’s of games and plenty of educational and creative titles.

For more see: HTC Vive

Oculus Rift

This is the pioneer that opened up a new market for home VR. It is a tethered device requiring a high end PC. It has the same refresh rate and resolution as the HTC Vive. It has a good ecosystem of accessories including their own devices but can also work with the XboxOne gamepad. Content includes massive libraries of games and educational and creative titles.

For more see: Oculus Rift

Google Daydream View

This is a low cost option that may be perfect for the travler. For just $99.00 you can have a system that works with you smarphone, meaning it is NOT teathered. But it uses far fewer sensors. A handheld remote helps with interaction.

For more see: Google Daydream View

Samsung Gear VR

Another low cost option great for the traveler. It leverages your Galaxy smartphone and handheld remotes to provide great interaction for a very reasonable cost. You miss out on positional tracking and the high end motion detection of a Rift but that is to be expected for a smaller device that is just connected to your smartphone.

For more see: Samsung Gear VR


Concluding Thought:

If you already have a Playstation 4, go with their headset. If you are wanting to dive into the real world of VR, go for the Oculus, and then add a Samsung Gear VR to do VR when out of the home.

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