The AI Race is an Alarming Artificial Intelligence Documentary

This video shows humans taking on the robots that seek to replace them

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is here due to the convergence of four exponentials: Moore’s law is increasing compute power at an exponential rate. Data available for analysis is increasing exponentially, our algorithms are getting better exponentially, and funding has also been increasing. Lots of us are working on these problems and results will just come faster and faster.

All of this is leading to an explosion of AI.

There are disruptions coming due to the explosion of AI. These will include disruption to our workers. AI enabled robots, like, for example, robotic trucks, are more efficient, take fewer breaks, are safer and make smart business sense. They are coming, not just to trucks, but to every industry. This video captures more about how and what to expect next.

Track more of this critical component of our future in the Things Cyber Tech Landscape.

We also encourage you to dive deeper into the topic of Robotics, which is very closely aligned to the rise of Artificial Intelligence.

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