AI Update: Microsoft Research on Artificial Intelligence and Cyber Security

Important context on AI

AI is becoming widespread, especially in the cybersecurity community. This means in the very near future, every company, and every person, will be using AI. We will all need a more secure framework to deal with AI topics and address AI concerns. There are huge security concerns we will all have to address, some of which are articulated here.

Questions covered include:
-- What can AI learn from security?
-- What can security learn from AI?
-- What does security look like after AI happens?

After addressing these and many other topics the video tackles the need for a research agenda for AI. Identifying future problems for research is a critically important function.

AI will continue to improve. Take, for example, the improvements in AI generated writing, as evidenced in the AI written screenplay for the 2016 movie Sunspring and the 2017 movie It’s No Game. In the course of a year this AI evolved significantly. Now imagine AI everywhere improving at this rate. And imagine it doing so without security! Clearly a framework for security is required.

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