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About Things Cyber: Cyberspace is our interconnected IT. It is the place where all our technologies come together into one.

Things Cyber is here to succinctly give you insights into the entirety of cyberspace, with a focus on getting the most out of your life. We help you operate your IT in a safe and secure manner.

We review the most critical components of the Tech Landscape, provide insights into Cyber Threats, give succinct recommendations on Protecting Your Information, review and point to the most interesting Tech Enabled Entertainment (including Sci-Fi), review Books and Tech Gear, give reviews of the best Tech Training, and keep it all in context with a healthy dose of Humor.

We believe computer security should be easy on users and do our best to share insights into the world of security in ways directly relevant to our readers. Dive into cybersecurity in the Things Cyber Protect Yourself section.

We also believe entertainment is critically important when it comes to successful optimization of IT. We see Sci-Fi of all forms as being helpful to expanding our thoughts about the future, and believe Sci-Fi fans are better prepared than most to conceptualize the best ways to configure and optimize today’s technologies, including insights you can use that will help you master the technology around you and help you drive optimal strategies for tech at work and in government.

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Our Approach

We help our clients understand. We do that with a network of serious information technology professionals. We help our clients implement solutions, especially highly scalable Cloud Computing based solutions.

All of our work is performed by thought leaders experienced in enterprise technology and focused on your mission needs. Our executives, PMs and analysts have experience in the entire technology stack from hardware, software, data and applications and every architecture from client server to cloud computing. We are versed in ITIL and CMMI and program management. We have a deep and intimate working knowledge of federal IT mission needs and the requirements of federal agencies.