10 Youngest Hackers Who Caused Chaos

Some hackers are incredibly young! Kristoffer Von Hassel was five years old when he hacked into his Dad’s x-box account to play more games. Good hacking there Kristoffer! Ryan Clearly and Jack Davis were 17 when they were leading Lulzsec. DJ Stolen was 17 when he hacked pop star computers. TeamPoison was two 16 year old boys. CoD Hacker was a 14 year old.

Its really amazing but the point is not just that amazing kids like this. We should be proud of their skills, but think of what older kids can do. And then think of what even older bad guys can do.

And now think of what older bad guys can do if they are working as part of a criminal syndicate or a group of nation state cyber attackers. When folks with skills work together in a large organization they can form a very serious threat.

Track more of the threat at the Things Cyber Threat Actors page. The video above is mostly about kids. Think of the damage when grown ups attack. And think of the damage when they are a nation! See:

It can be fun to study some of these hackers. But the real reason to do it is to motivate a better defense. Dive into defensive measures at the Things Cyber Protect Yourself page.

Each of these areas move fast making tracking the future hard. We could use your help in this. Let us know what you think by Contacting Us Here. You can also stay in more constant contact by engaging with us via Twitter.

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